Bring pop art into your home


It’s all about the style baby!

Gal Amar is a renowned international pop art artist.
This site presents her artwork, where each painting is truly unique and one of a kind. Skillfully combining Mix Media Computer painting, printing and actual painting on a canvas turning every piece into a masterpiece.
GalAmar’s artwork is sold around the world as vectors through image selling websites, usually used by designers, newspapers, websites, textile companies and much more.
30 years of experience as a freelance illustrator/designer for a wide range of fields such as textile, stationery, pop accessories and paper goods makes sure that there is no challenge too big for her creativity.

Artist’s message:
I enjoy working in an array of media platforms from Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and My MacBook to pencil, paintbrush, paint, airbrush, graffiti spray and even Coffee.
I simply love making art.